About Me

Hello! I am Robin and I am dyer out of the Hudson Valley region of New York. I grew up in this area, and I moved back here with my family. I dye out of my home, and I tend to draw inspiration from nature, my loved ones, and the books that I am reading. I read a lot of fantasy fiction, and I love incorporating a bit of the whimsical into my yarn. 

When I am not dyeing I am usually spending time with family, knitting, and reading. If I am very lucky I squeeze in some video games.  I also love tea with all of my heart, and it is how I get through most days. 



I aim to be transparent in my business; it is very important for me to create a welcoming and safe space for people.  This is also means when I consider collaborations and business relationships, it is important for me to feel confident in sending you all into spaces that I know are safe and welcoming to you. 


When I was little my mom made me go outside of our apartment and pick up some of the litter that had been left around .( I only picked up wrappers and straws.) While we were picking things up, I asked my mom, "why do we have to do this? We didn't litter." My mom told me something that has stuck with me to this day, she said, " we are all responsible for the Earth."

What does this mean in regards to the shop?

  • I try to reuse and recycle as much as possible.
  • I do my best to reuse dyebath water as much as possible, same for the water that I soak the yarn in. 
  • The yarn labels are made from recycled paper
  • Once the current packing materials are finished, I will be switching over to more sustainable packaging.